Vivian Maier FAQ‘s

Find answers to often asked questions about Vivian Maier and the Maloof Collection. If you have a question not answered below please email

FAQ’s About Vivian Maier’s Work

Which cameras did Vivian Maier use?

Vivian Maier’s first camera was a modest Kodak Brownie box camera with one shutter speed, no aperture and focus control. In 1952 she purchased her first Rolleiflex camera. Over the course of her career she used Rolleiflex 3.5T, Rolleiflex 3.5F, Rolleiflex 2.8C, Rolleiflex Automat and others. She later also used a Leica IIIc, an Ihagee Exakta, a Zeiss Contarex and various other SLR cameras.

Which film did Vivan Maier use?

Mostly Kodak Tri-X and Ektachrome film.

Can I buy prints of Vivian Maier’s photos?

Yes, silver gelatin and chromogenic color prints are available for sale. All print sales are handled by the Howard Greenberg Gallery. You can find more information on our Vivian Maier Print Sales page.

Can I buy a digital image to print at home?

We do not offer image files for purchase to be printed at home. If you are interested in buying a print of one of Vivian Maier’s photographs please contact the Howard Greenberg Gallery by calling +1 212 334 0010 or by emailing You can find more information about available prints on our Vivian Maier Print Sales page.

Can I use Vivian Maier’s photos on my website?

We do permit the usage of a limited number of Vivian Maier photographs on personal websites and blogs if the photos are used to write about Vivian Maier and her work. You do however have to contact John Maloof, the archive manager of the Maloof Collection first to obtain permission. The use of Vivian Maier photos on any commercial website or in commercial context is not permitted. Please contact John Maloof for licensing inquiries.

I want to license a photo for publication in a book/magazine/CD, etc. How do I do that?

For any licensing inquiries please contact the archive manager John Maloofs. Please give as much detailed information as possible about how and where you want to use photographs, including print run, size of image, etc.

How many negatives were discovered?

Around 100,000 negatives and slides.

Have all negatives and slides been scanned in?

The whole negative and slide archive of Vivian Maier has been digitized as digital contact sheets. A selection of photographs has been scanned in high resolution and we are continuing to make high resolution scans of Maier’s work.

How do you scan Vivian Maier’s negatives?

Originally we scanned negatives on an Epson V700, we since switched to scanning negatives and slides with an Imacon 949 scanner.
To create digital contact sheets, negatives and slides have been arranged on a light table which was then photographed using a Better Light Super 8K-HS scanning back.

Have all films been developed yet?

There were about 2,000 undeveloped black & white rolls which we processed and scanned. They were processed by professional archivists. The chemistry and developing times had to be figured out for these old rolls. The results were mostly very successful. However, due to the aging and conditions these were stored for decades, fogging was an issue for a small number of rolls.

There are around 700 rolls of color Ektachrome 35mm film that we have not yet processed. This film is stored in a refrigerator until it will be developed.

I would like to exhibit Vivian Maier’s work. How do I do that?

Vivian Maier’s touring exhibitions are available for loan to institutions, museums and galleries. Individual photographs from the Vivian Maier archive are also available for exhibitions loans. Contact John Maloof for further information. You can also find more information on the traveling exhibiton Vivian Maier: Street Photographer available in Europe on our Traveling Photography Exhibition page.

How can I follow all of the latest Vivian Maier news and events?

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, check this websites News section and sign up for our newsletter.

FAQ’s About the Finding Vivian Maier Film

Where can I see the film Finding Vivian Maier?

Finding Vivian Maier currently tours the film festival circuit. The theatrical release in the US will be in March of 2014. Other countries will be announced soon. Please keep checking the Finding Vivian Maier Facebook page and this website for updates.

Will the film be made available as DVD?

After Finding Vivian Maier has played in theaters around the world it will be made available as DVD. The date for a DVD release is currently unknown.

How can I arrange a screening of the film?

If you are a US theater owner and would like to screen Finding Vivian Maier in your venue, please contact If you are interested in broadcasting or showing Finding Vivian Maier in territories outside of the US and Canada, please contact Mark Lane at

For more information visit the Finding Vivian Maier website.

FAQ’s About the Maloof Collection

Who is John Maloof?

John Maloof is a filmmaker and photographer who discovered Maier’s work in 2007 and the first to bring her work to the public and promote it. His collection of Maier’s work is called the Maloof Collection.

Who works for the Maloof Collection?

John Maloof is the owner and chief curator of the Maloof Collection. The Howard Greenberg Gallery handles all print sales for the Collection, Steve Rifkin of Hank’s Photographic Services prints all silver gelatin prints and Carl Saytor of Luxlab prints all color work.

Do you offer internships?

We currently do not offer any internship positions.

How can I inquire about an interview with John Maloof?

John Maloof’s schedule is very busy but we will do our best to accommodate interview requests. Please contact John Maloof with as many details as possible and he will try to arrange an interview.

Does the Maloof Collection represent other photographers besides Vivian Maier?

The Maloof Collection is completely dedicated to promote the work of Vivian Maier and to safeguard the archive for the benefit of future generations. No other photographers are represented by the Maloof Collection.

What is the Maloof Collection’s copyright policy?

All photographs appearing on this website and in the archive of the Maloof Collection are copyrighted and protected under United States and international copyright laws. The photographs may not be reproduced in any form, stored or manipulated without prior written permission from the Maloof Collection.